Sunday, October 20, 2002

Rough Cut Screening at Ed Video Media Arts Centre

I'm recovering from the screening of the first rough cut in Guelph at the Ed Video Media Arts Centre. Thanks to Mary the screening wehn really well. The drive was bad - we took the Guelph line a dark and windy country road - and I really need new windshield wipers. Suzie, Barry, Derek and I were there. And my parents. I monitored the audio levels, changing them throughout the screening. I know where the sound is crazy loud or barely audiable.

The audience was really mature and smart and supportive and we got this great coverage in Echo Magazine with a big picture of Jasmine. Suzie told me she liked the in-camera slow motion. The audience really seemed to get how that gives us Alice's point of view. It was fun to talk about the film with people who had seen it (a bit weird though). Some scenes they responded to: The "sex scene" between Kate and Grant, the line when Alice says "to have sex? to have orgasms?" The fight scene and the scene between Kate and Alice right after it.

Monday, September 30, 2002

I Really Need Roomtones

Last week we had numerous challenges because the deck is fucked. I brought it in on Thursday morning and I think it is still covered by Sony’s warranty. Then I ran to the school to borrow a deck and another drive. The actual cut that we have been working on is not bad so far and so that was not too depressing but at the same time the drop out problems seem unsurmountable. In terms of the cut, we have to fix the Alice walking home scenes as well as trimming beginnings and endings in some places and also getting the dreams in there, even if they are not exactly right at first. I’d like to get feedback on the opening of the film, but I’m also thinking about only screening this chunk that we have re-edited already. I really need roomtones and to find all the sound notes so that we can get all the roomtones added in because not having them is really hurting the film.

Thursday, May 2, 2002

May 23, 2002

I’m just getting off the phone with Suzie. My printer is making lights at me which says that it needs new toner, drum and another 200 expense. Derek’s playing Neil Young at my request. I have the back window of the house open and rogers cable hooked up. Am I home? I’m shooting today, and things are a bit tight with the rest of the schedule, but I still think I can get it done by the 31st. At least most of the crew has hung in there. We have to buy beer for Craig. We keep forgetting.