Sunday, October 20, 2002

Rough Cut Screening at Ed Video Media Arts Centre

I'm recovering from the screening of the first rough cut in Guelph at the Ed Video Media Arts Centre. Thanks to Mary the screening wehn really well. The drive was bad - we took the Guelph line a dark and windy country road - and I really need new windshield wipers. Suzie, Barry, Derek and I were there. And my parents. I monitored the audio levels, changing them throughout the screening. I know where the sound is crazy loud or barely audiable.

The audience was really mature and smart and supportive and we got this great coverage in Echo Magazine with a big picture of Jasmine. Suzie told me she liked the in-camera slow motion. The audience really seemed to get how that gives us Alice's point of view. It was fun to talk about the film with people who had seen it (a bit weird though). Some scenes they responded to: The "sex scene" between Kate and Grant, the line when Alice says "to have sex? to have orgasms?" The fight scene and the scene between Kate and Alice right after it.